If you are not in a position to come pick up currency at our office, then you can also use our exceptional delivery service. One significant advantage of ordering currency through our delivery service is that you can simply receive your order at home, saving on travel time and costs. Not to mention that our delivery is secure and fast, so you can have your currency at your door the next day. The minimum order amount for delivery is 1.500,00 euro. COD shipping is unfortunately not available.

How does the currency delivery service work?

Please contact us via the contact form or call us on 020-6263658. You will receive an email from us with a proposal containing the rate(s) and the total amount. If you agree to the proposal, then you can make a bank transfer for the total amount to the Pott Change IBAN number that we will provide. Receipt of your payment will be confirmed by email and the order will then be sent. Your order is sent in a sealed bag by registered, insured post via PostNL and is insured for up to €5.500.

We have had good experiences with this method and so have our clients. Your order is in good hands with PostNL. We guarantee it! During the order process, you can also specify your preferred bill denominations and after the shipment has been delivered to PostNL, you will receive a track and trace code from us. This is also done by email. Your order will arrive at your doorstep on the next business day.

By using email, the entire order process is accelerated and information is communicated quickly and clearly. And if you still have more questions? You can simply call us. It is never a problem! Just keep in mind there’s a minimum order amount of 1.500,00 euro!  

A brief description of the order process:

  1. You contact Pott Change using the contact form or call us on 020-6263658.
  2. The rate and the total amount + payment instructions are sent to you by email.
  3. We send you an email confirming receipt of your payment.
  4. After 18:00 on that day, you will receive a PostNL track and trace code by email.
  5. The next day, your registered, insured order will be delivered to you!

Costs of the currency delivery service

If you use the delivery service, then you pay €16.50 (PostNL rate) for each sealed bag worth up to €5.500. Despite the costs PostNL charges, ordering currency through Pott Change is still much less expensive than ordering with your bank or other exchange offices. Specifically, the difference between Pott Change and the offices at Schiphol is huge. You can see an example of that in this episode of the programme Kassa.

For larger amounts, the difference can add up to hundreds of euros! Try comparing an amount of USD 5.000 using our currency converter with those of our competitors! For amounts over €2.500, we are often able to offer better rates than our “standard” rates.

Sending in currencies and allowing us to exchange them

Pott Change can also exchange currencies that you send in and transfer them to your bank account. Since we do not charge commission, it can be worthwhile to send any foreign currencies you have saved or not used to us by registered post. Please contact us to make arrangements for this. This will also allow us to explain how the delivery service works. Furthermore, you will immediately be provided with a rough estimate of our rates and the total amount that you would receive. The payment is made at no cost on the same day that we receive your shipment. You will be sent a receipt by email as well as more information regarding the payment of your money.

Please note: we only accept paper bills – no coins!

Want to learn more about this? If so, please call us on 020-6263658. You can also fill in the contact form.

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