We can offer special rates for business customers when you want to exchange large amounts of money. A few examples are: exchanging money from customers abroad, revenue from business abroad and so forth. This is applicable to almost all currencies but especially for American Dollars and British Pounds.

When you want to buy currency for purchases/shopping abroad we can also give you a discount on the selling rate. Instead of using a large bank transfer from your own bank in your country we can offer an exchange that is fast and won’t fail. This means you can save time, effort and money. We can also offer better rates (including discounts) for American Dollars and British pounds than your own bank. If you have any questions or if you think you can get better rates elsewhere, we are happy to help or offer a different solution.

Your advantages as a business customer at Pott Change

  • No extra costs or commission fees when purchasing or selling currency
  • Best rates in Amsterdam, which you can find on our website
  • Special rates for extra benefit which we can add to your customer profile 
  • You can authorize family members or employees to do the exchange for you
  • A separate closed off room to exchange your money safely
  • 6 days / week service (Monday-Saturday) till 8:00 pm
  • We work with ECB approved counting machines to guarantee real money

What customer data do you need to deliver as a business customer?

As a business customer you need to deliver the right customer data according to our laws from the DNB.

  • Chamber of Commerce data (KVK-nummer)
  • A legitimate passport, identity card or drivers license
  • If you’re not the rightful owner, director or authorized person of the company you need to show us the authorization form as well as a copy of the identity card of the person giving you the authorization. You can download the authorization form here.
  • Invoices or other documents which relate to the currency you’re exchanging or buying
  • When you buy currency we ask you to either use your debit card or show us a admission ticket for the withdrawal of the money/proof of origin of the money

Feel free to walk in or make an appointment beforehand to either exchange currency and or/price agreement.