Why would you go to your own bank when there are currency exchange offices which offer you much more favourable exchange rates? Exchange office Pott Change in Amsterdam gives you more money by not calculating commission or administration costs.

Preferable currency exchanges rates

When exchanging currencies there is a chance that you lose money due to unfavourable exchange rates; often the differences between banks and exchange offices are already alarmingly high. You should also take into account other administration costs and other hidden costs. Pott Change has changed all that with an affordable service that allows you to save up to hundreds of dollars!

How you save money with us 

With currency exchange office Pott Change you pay no commission. Especially when changing smaller amounts, you benefit from this. However, when exchanging larger amounts, you’ll appreciate our exchange rates even more because they are much more favourable for you!

Why our exchange office is the best

  • Immediate exchange amounts to euro’s up to € 10.000, –
  • For larger amounts in case of buying currency, please contact us
  • Buying USD or GBP till 2.500 euro’s is always possible without ordering
  • Make use of our safe and discrete changing cubicles
  • Open six days a week (Monday-Saturday) untill 8:00 PM

Looking for a cheap money exchange office? The perfect address is Damrak 95 in Amsterdam where Pott Change is located. Please do not hesitate to contact us by completing our contact form in case of any additional questions or if you wish to order currencies.