Pott Change offers its customers the chance to exchange its money without additional costs or commission cost. The American dollar is the most used currency worldwide. Pott change offers its business purchases daily. Due to our expertise in currency exchange, and frequent dollar to euro’s currency, we can offer our customers the best currency rates without additional cost.

Dollar to euro exchange without commission

Pott Change offer its customers the chance to buy dollars from us without commission costs. There is no minimum or maximum value, which has to be met in order to receive the ‘no commission costs’ deal.

Our customers are welcome to visit our office in the centre of Amsterdam if additional help is required.

Benefits of exchanging at Pott Change

  • The best currency rates
  • No commission or additional costs
  • Open six days a week (Monday-Saturday) untill 8.00 pm
  • Privacy cabin available to customers

We also have the best euro to dollar rates!