When you want to exchanges euro to dollar, Pott Change is the place you are looking for! We calculate the amounts and best rates which you want to exchange and invest in with no commission or extra costs involved. You can view our latest dollar rates on our site and with the use of our currency converter you can directly calculate how many dollars you receive for the amount of euros you put in.

Please compare our prices with the prices of the other major banks or exchange offices who do charge commission or other additional charges, and see if you are better off with them then you can inform us about it and we can see if we can lower our rates and still do business with you.

Favourable euro to dollar rate

Because Pott Change is located in the city centre of Amsterdam we do exchange a vast amount of dollars for tourists and business clients. The turnover rate of the U.S. dollar is very high with us, so we can offer you favourable price from “euro to dollar”

When buying dollars you pay via cash and also with the use of a debitcard. Please note, however, that banks often use a day limit of around 1,500 euro to 2,500 euro per day. This limit is independent of withdrawals at an ATM. If necessary, you can use your own bank (temporary) to increase the total daily limit to make sure you can pay it in one go. When you buy dollars you can just visit us in Amsterdam and purchase or we can deliver it at your house by using our shipping service. We make sure that there are dollars in stock  so you can have your desired bank notes. You can then agree on a rate and the dollars can be collected within a few days (max two days). This is entirely free of charge. Ask our cashiers about other possibilities!

At Pott Change you can also use our privacy booth. In the privacy booth you can recount your dollars to make sure that everything is allright.

Benefits for exchange at Pott Change

• Sharpest price
• No commission or fees
• Open six days a week(Monday-Saturday) until 8:00 PM
• No obligation and free of charge, place your order and collect later (max two days)
• Pay with debitcard and if needed use our privacy booth

You can also find more information about exchanging dollar to euro on our website.