The U.S. dollar is the currency of the United States. It is a huge country with a big status and a major impact on the global economy. The exchange rate of the dollar has therefore become one of the key exchanges in the world, if you have dollars spare you can sell these without any complications. Take note of the latest dollar market for the best prices.  The dollar against the euro is almost never the same, each day it is different in value. This makes it difficult to say what the current dollar is. At Pott Change you can view the up to date exchange rates .This allows you to calculate how much money you will receive from selling dollars.

Why sell dollars?

Due to the rapidly growing foreign debt of the United States, those who live outside the U.S. using the Dollar pay a contribution to the U.S. Half of its imports are simply added to the foreign debt. The holders of Dollars outside the U.S. pay these imports through inflation. However, there is always demand for dollars, because the world needs dollars to buy oil. The dollar is important for international trade in goods. Therefore, you can easily sell your dollars. You don’t use your Dollars anymore? You can sell your Dollars: Pott Change would like to buy them from you.

Selling ​​dollars commission-free

At Pott Change you can exchange your Dollars into Euros.  There are no commission costs and other hidden costs such as administration costs or transaction costs. Selling dollars at Pott Change means more profit for you! We are specialized in currency exchanges and always use the most interesting rates. Up to an amount of € 2500, – you can instantly receive your money. For a larger amount we ask you to order the money. This is done simply by completing the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.