Are you looking for a profitable dollar exchange? At Pott Change, we offer absolutely the best currency rate for currency exchange: Pott Change offers currency exchange without commission!

No commission dollar exchange

Pott Change offers dollar exchange without any commission costs. Other costs such as administration costs and transaction costs which often are acquired by banks are not charged by Pott Change. Make sure you get the best price!

Best exchange rates

Whether it’s exchanging dollars of euro’s, Pott Change offers the best rates for foreign money exchanges. We are specialized in currency exchange. This means that Pott Change can offer its customers the best rates at the lowest costs, unlike banks who charge for the uncommon practice of currency converting.

Why Pott Change?

• We always have euros available to exchange
• Pay no commission or hidden costs
• Take advantage of the most current exchange rates
• Central location in Amsterdam, easily accessible

For more information about the exchange of large amounts we ask you to complete our contactform. We can handle your  request but will also help you to understand more about the exchange of large amounts of money. If you fill out the form, we will contact you as soon as possible.