Yes, it has proven too expensive to sustain another offices in other cities.  You can also order by mail or drop off your currencies. it is Easy and cheap, only at Pottchange!

No, we do not charge any extra or any commission! Both buying and selling of currencies is free of cost. There is also no minimum amount which you can exchange. Furthermore, we pursue the best prices. You compare us with other offices or your own bank and check to see if Pott Change is cheaper. Please keep in mind that other exchange offices often charge fees or commission. We never charge any fees or commission!

Yes, of course you can. Please note, however, that banks often use a day limit around 1,500 Euro to 2,500 Euro per day. This limit is independent of withdrawals at an ATM. If necessary, you can ask your own bank to increase (temporarily) the total daily limit to make sure you can pay it in one go. However, we do not accept creditcards.

When comparing rates of currencies, you should be focused on net prices and whether commission is calculated. This is the total amount you pay or receive. You can always receive the best advice or answers to your questions explained by mail or telephone . We are happy to help you making the right decision; if this decision happens to be with another bank we are happy to do so. However if you get a better rate elsewhere, inform us about it and we can see if we can lower our rates and still do business with you.

At the page all accepted currencies, you can see which currencies we buy and sell.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept foreign coins. There is too little trade/market for it and the transport costs (weight of the coins) are too high. Our advice is to finish your coins always during your holiday!

Tip: When changing money, it is all about the rates and the additional money charged. Everywhere is written and proclaimed that the best rates are used and no extra commission is calculated. That’s why we have developed the currency converter. This currency converter allows you to accurately calculate to the penny what you pay or receive. With us are fees or commission are never calculated on top! Not even with small amounts! Feel free to Call or email us to agree on certain rates and come by later in that week to pick them up or sell them to us on those agreed terms. Competitors often charge fees on amounts under 500.00 or one calculated on top the sales but no fees on purchases made. With Pott Change we are always clear: We never charge or ask for commission! You can check it at other banks and see which rate suits you the most.