Do you want to exchange a large amount of money? Save up hundreds of euros!

For both private customers and business customers, the difference between our rate and the rates pose a significant advantage over our competitors. With bigger amounts you can save up hundreds of euros. You can calculate which amounts you can safe, compared to other banks (e.g. ING bank, ABN Amro and Rabobank) and exchanges offices. However, if the rates of our competitors are better for you, feel free to discuss this with us. We will try to make the deal even more interesting for you.

Privacy Cabin

For exchanging large amounts we have a special, private room which is separate from other customers. You can re-count and store your money in private. This is for both yourself and us more comfortable. Feel free to ask us to for our privacy cabin.

Payment per Bank 

When you purchase currencies you can also pay with debitcard instead of cash if this suits you more. Please note that banks often use a daily withdrawal limit of around 1,500 euros to 2,500 euros per day. If necessary, you can ask your own bank to temporarily increase the total daily withdrawal limit to make sure you can withdrawal enough money at a day. Please feel free to contact your own back to ask for your possibilities.