At Pott Change, you can reserve and purchase various currencies. These can be in both small and large amounts. We have the most common currencies in our supply, such as US dollars, British pounds, Swiss francs and much more. We even have less common currencies at hand and if we don’t have what you need immediately available, we can get it to you in just a few days. You can even provide your preference for bills when you make an order (e.g. big, small or new bills). Orders for common currencies can be picked up immediately. When ordering less common currencies, we may ask that you pay 50 dollars for your order. In that case, we will make a pricing agreement, so you know exactly what you will be paying. We do business fairly and honestly!

Most currencies are shown at exchange rates, but you can also use the currency converter to see the amount you will receive or have to pay. If desired, you can establish the rate by telephone or email for a certain number of days, so that you can be certain of what you are going to pay. Feel free to contact us and discuss your options.

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Delivery service is available too

Picking up the currency you plan to order is possible once the order has arrived at our office. Once that happens, you will receive an email to confirm that we have your order ready. We can also send your order to you, if you are unable to come to Amsterdam. The cost for registered, insured post via PostNL is €16.50 for each sealed bag, with a maximum value of €5.500.

You can pay for orders in advance by bank transfer or pay by cash or card when you pick up. When paying by credit card, we charge an additional 3 per cent to cover costs. For debit card payments above €2.500, the daily limit of your individual bank often needs to be raised temporarily.

The advantages of Pott Change

Ordering with Pott Change costs less than ordering with large banks or other exchange offices. At locations such as Schiphol Airport, you definitely pay more than you would with us due to the high costs that Schiphol charges to its businesses. For currency orders over €2.500, we can almost always guarantee a more advantageous rate. We also never charge a commission or costs for orders. The only service that costs extra is delivery. Orders are preferably confirmed by post and include rates and other relevant information, so that no misunderstandings can arise.

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